The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor cooking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. How do you create the perfect outdoor kitchen? These are the factors that will make your outdoor kitchen perfect.

  • Space available
  • You choose the type of cooking and entertaining that you enjoy.
  • Your budget

You could consider the outdoor kitchen space in terms of small, medium, or large.

Is it possible to put my outdoor kitchen anywhere?

You might find a small spot to build an outdoor kitchen on your balcony, on the back deck or outside your patio door. You will be right next to the house most of the time, as an outdoor prep or cleanup area is not possible due to limited space. As needed, you can move in and out of your house for supplies or cleanup.

Your grill will be the main feature. You can choose from a small gas grill that uses a propane bottle or a large multi-fuel smoker grill that has electric burners and rotisserie accessories. Your budget and available space will guide you. You can get a nice grill for as low as $1,000

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
Creating The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

What is the Cost of an Outdoor Kitchen?

To fulfill your grilling dreams, you will need a budget of $5,000 to $10,000.

You can start with the grill in a moderately-sized area and then add counter space or modular cabinets. You can prepare and clean up on-the-spot if you have plumbing and an instant water dispenser. There might be space for an under-counter refrigerator or ice machine. It’s easier to have all-in-one appliances.

This large space can be used to place the grill, cabinets, counter space, plumbing, as well as a seating area for guests. This is especially useful if you are a cook who enjoys having a crowd to cheer you on while you prepare and grill.

Imagine a bar-height counter where you can serve drinks from an under-counter cooler. You can also entertain your guests with stories and give them samples from the grill. You can then serve your creations by filling up the plates. You can also add an outdoor fireplace or a large-screen TV to support your favorite team.

A TV cover for outdoor viewing keeps the screen protected from severe weather conditions. You can go all out if your budget permits.

How to make your outdoor kitchen a success

Outdoor kitchens usually start with a grill and then expand with countertops, appliances, and seating. These often overlooked factors could make your outdoor kitchen more useful than it is now.


It’s winter or late fall and you want to grill steaks after work. It’s dark outside so you have to stay inside and make pasta. Lighting can solve this problem. There are many options, from outdoor-rated floor lamps to fully-designed outdoor lighting schemes with overhead lights and path lights that mount on pergolas. You will need electricity in all cases. Good light is essential to distinguish between medium and rare items.

Unless you are in the cool, moderate climate of Santa Barbara or San Diego, California, you’ll need to be able to withstand high winds, snow, rain and hail. Planning ahead can increase the time you have to use your outdoor space.

Shade sails are great for hot sunny areas. Consider a shade sail for hot and sunny areas. Outdoor heating can be added to colder areas. You might also consider heated pavers or patio heating. If there are strong winds, position the kitchen so that it is not blocked by a wall or fence.

Ladybugs can be fine. However, most people would prefer to avoid flying insects such as mosquitos, wasps and wasps. A screened-in outdoor cooking area and eating area is the best solution.

An overhead fan is a good option to keep insects away. Thermacell mosquito repellent products can be used in a protected area where there is minimal wind. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy a pleasant meal and a safe environment for your family.

You can have the perfect outdoor kitchen that suits your needs by planning well and executing well. When asked by family and friends how you like your outdoor kitchen, the best answer is “We use it all of the time”.


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