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Most timbers used to build homes in the 1800s were made from old-world growth. The trees were able to mature to a certain age before they were cut and milled. Mills started harvesting young, thin timber in an effort to increase profits and reduce time. This may not be a significant difference for most lumber applications, but it can pose some challenges for porches.

A word about wood

Porch floors are often very poorly ventilated. Summer heat and sun bake the porch floor, while cooler air is trapped beneath it. Wintertime is the opposite. These dramatic temperature swings, along with moisture accumulation on the underside, and humidity up high, can cause wood products, as well as many synthetic ones, to bow, cup and split.

Wood is timeless, beautiful and comforting. What do you do if you want both the warmth and tradition that wood has, but also the maintenance-free benefits of composite materials?

Smarter Solutions

There are many wood substitutes on the market today. These range from plastic to metal to composite blends. Even higher-priced options can be subject to thermal expansion and contraction, which can cause warping. Many synthetic materials appear synthetic.

Aeratis has created a solid PVC tongue-and groove plank that looks just like real wood. It can also be cut, routed and painted exactly like real wood. Its unique formula is guaranteed to not expand or contract so it will not buckle, cup or warp. These are just a few reasons Aeratis products might be the right choice for your porch.

Competitively priced

Wood is often thought to be more affordable for exterior purposes by homeowners. This is in contrast to the upfront costs of composite products.

When you consider the labor cost to prepare, prime and paint wood and the ongoing maintenance care required, natural wood can end up costing more in both time and money. Aeratis Traditions porch flooring is paint-ready and can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install. It’s also lighter and more easy to use. And the Aeratis Legacy line offers a true 6-inch-wide plank that reduces the installation time and fasteners needed, resulting in a lower-cost-per-square-foot installation.

Period Perfect

The porch floor was traditionally a smooth, polished board. It wasn’t like the boards that were more suitable for deck application, which are rougher and more embossed. Experts at Aeratis took great care to create the period-perfect, smooth surface texture. They added just a touch of surface grain to show the wood’s depth and appearance, but not enough to trap dirt or allow mold to grow. This result gives the porch a sophisticated, polished look that can be used for historic renovations and new porches. It’s so convincing, in fact, that Aeratis is approved in 48 states as a wood substitute for historic restorations or restorations of National Register properties.

Aeratis also produces historically accurate ceiling boards, custom shutters that can be operated fully and period hardware. All of these products were used in the restoration of the TOH 2019, Idea House in New Canaan’s historic downtown New Canaan.

Learn more about Aeratis porch products that are period-perfect, here.

There are fewer limitations

It’s important to compare porch products and also look at their limitations.

  • Uncovered surfaces can be exposed to sunlight and weathering that could affect the appearance and performance your porch. Many flooring products can only be used on covered porches.
  • Many products have minimum ventilation requirements and cannot be waterproofed. Aeratis is unique in that it not only provides a recommendation on waterproofing porches, but also guarantees the product’s performance when used according to its recommendations.
  • Many can’t be installed within 30″ of low-E glass (windows or doors with glass).
  • Only Aeratis can install directly on unsightly, cracked concrete.

Superior Safety Standards

Although a surface does not have to be fireproof, a Class A fire rating will ensure that it is structurally sound and slows down the spread of flames in the event of a fire. This will give you and your family the time and safety that you need to escape from danger. Aeratis Classic, the only product with a Class A fire rating for outdoor living spaces, is available today. Aeratis’ surfaces are ADA-compliant and offer slip resistance for commercial and residential projects.


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