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According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, backyards have become a popular spot for homeowners to stay. These 10 tools, many of which are compact versions of commercial heavy-duty machines that can be stored easily, will help you create a relaxing space in your backyard that invites summer fun.

Zero-Turn Mower

We understand that you love your lawn but don’t like the task of mowing it. You have to be willing and able to invest if you want to make it easy and quick. The residential zero-turn mower is a great option for those who want to have the same comfort, maneuverability and speed as a commercial tractor. It costs less than a regular tractor. Husqvarna did not skimp on the parts of the RZ3016. It has a reliable, long-lasting start-up Briggs & Stratton Intek motor with simplified controls that meet homeowner’s needs. It’s a lot more comfortable to sit on a cushioned, sliding seat and use foam-grip controls than pushing your mower around in the heat. The mower’s precision will make it easier to do a second pass with your trimmer.

How To Make A Smple Gude For Edgng Your Lawn Lawn
How To Make A Smple Gude For Edgng Your Lawn Lawn

Cordless Mulching Mower

This zero-emission 24V electric mower will cut 1/3 of an acre in a single charge for smaller jobs such as mowing urban lots. Electric means you don’t have to pull a cord, need no fuel and can do no maintenance or tune ups. It has a permanent magnet electric motor of 1,200 watts and can be fully charged overnight. You can set your mower to remove refuse or place it in the mulching bag or plate. The push handle can be folded down to save space.

Chain Saw

Do you want to live on a wooded property? Got a fire pit? A chain saw is essential for any fire pit. Husqvarna’s 50th anniversary 450 for landowners is the best choice. The Smart Start decompression valve ensures a smooth, easy start-up. The machine boasts a combination of high power (3.2 horsepower) and low weight (11 pounds). You get a powerful cutter with a comfortable rear handle, low emissions X-TORQ engine, vibration reduction technology, and enhanced safety features. You can choose from the smaller 440, 220, or 235 esires homeowner models if you aren’t a frequent user who doesn’t require as much power.

Safety gear is important when operating chainsaws. Protective chaps or jeans, eye protection, eye and ear protection and proper footwear are all recommended.

The 50th Anniversary 450 costs $369, while the e-series models cost $219-$289; Husqvarna

Electric Leaf Shredder

Shredding leaves can be a quick way to make compost from the mess you have on your tree-lined property. The machine has five settings, from coarse to super-fine, and can quickly turn 11 bags of leaves, pine needles or grass clippings into mulch. Variable speed motors (5 AMP to 8.AMP) allow you to adjust the power used and the stand allows for storage of a collection bin.

Before you start, make sure to wear safety glasses and hearing protection. Next, get started to create nutrient-rich compost within a single season.

Wood Chipper/Shredder

Bear Cat’s SC2206 is a heavy-duty machine that can handle more forested properties. This machine is easy to start and will take all the brush, leaves and limbs you have. You can then add it to your compost pile or make mulch from it. The lightweight, wheeled model has a 206cc Briggs & Stratton motor and a large handle that makes it easy to carry by one hand. Six reversible shredder knives with staggered and serrated edges are available for efficient wood processing.

Yard Tool Hacks That Make Your Life Easier Reader
Yard Tool Hacks That Make Your Life Easier Reader

Additional bonus: Bear Cat offers a rebate on the SC2206 model through November 30.


Although it may look like a mini-cultivator, this machine is actually multi-functional and can be used to maintain your yard. The MM 55 C -E Yard Boss can be customized with an aerator sweeper, edger and other attachments. This will save you money and give you more space than if you had to buy a bunch of single-function machines. The all-in-one machine will be able to use its easy-to-use, folding handles and Easy2Start technology, which makes it convenient for all soil- and yard-prep functions. This tool is low-weight and high-power. However, you can add weight to it for more difficult or rocky terrain.

Stihl: $369 for Easy2Start and $339 without Easy2Start

Alligator Lopper

This reptile is ideal for those who don’t want to live in the wild and have only small shrub and tree branches. The clamping jaw design can grab and trim tree branches up to 4 inches in diameter. It behaves like a shear but with a bite. It can be used for jobs in between that are too large for manual pruners or too small for chainsaws. We know of at least one homeowner who has switched to this lopper from his powerful chainsaws. It’s quiet and gasoline-free, so it stays sharp.

Electric Log Splitter

There is nothing better than kicking back in front of the glowing fire pit. The Paul Bunyan-style log splitting is a pain. This 5-ton machine can cut logs up to 20inches long and 10in diameter like butter. The machine is powered by a 15 amp motor that can run on household electricity. This eliminates the need to use fuel or the harmful fumes. This compact machine is easy to move and includes a 6-foot extension cord. You will need to use your two-handed operation to prevent you from being in danger. Although it is not a 27-ton heavy hydraulic splitter, it will save you at least three times the money.

Hedge Trimmer

There’s nothing worse than finishing your hedge shaping job only to realize that you have an hour of cleaning up ahead. The Garden Groom pro trims, shreds and vacuums your yard, and then collects the waste in an attached, large collection bag. The tool is a safer alternative to trimming. It has completely concealed blades that protect you and your power cord from any accidental cuts. The large rear and top handles allow for more precision and safety. An instructional video and the manual’s troubleshooting section will help you to improve your Garden Grooming skills. The Garden Groom Jr. is a smaller unit with a built-in collection unit that can be used for smaller jobs.

The Pro model costs $225, while the Jr. model is $149; Garden Groom runs about $225

Outdoor Sweeper

The Haaga Topsweep255 is a great choice for those who enjoy getting their hands dirty, but are not keen on tidying up. The push-powered machine can sweep both wet and dry debris. It has rotating brushes that have a dual-action system. The built-in collection unit collects all debris, so there is very little dust. This model is lightweight and ideal for walking or driving. The unit can be assembled quickly without the need for tools and stored flat. Consider the Haaga 696 heavy-duty for larger spaces.


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