10 Pool Saltwater Apps & Online Calculators


How much salt do you need to add to your swimming pool? If you have a chlorine generator, which is able to turn salt into chlorine, then you will need to calculate how much salt to put in your pool. It’s not enough to salt the meat liberally. To help you find the right saltwater (or saltwater) calculators, we have compiled a list online and on smartphones.

For specific instructions on salt addition, it is best to visit the website of your saltwater generator. These suggestions can be helpful if you are unable to recall the brand name or need a reference tool.

If you’re still not convinced salt chlorinators are the best way to clean your pool then read 10 Smart Reasons to Have a Saltwater Pool.

Next, go back to your calculations. The alphabetical list is shown below.

H2O Co.

The H2O Company website provides a quick reference table that allows you to find your current salt level, pool volume and weight in gallons. This will allow you to calculate the saltwater required for your pool (in lbs).

Inyo Pools

Inyo offers an easy way to determine how much salt you should add to your pool based on its size.

Pentair Salinity Calculator

Pentair’s calculator allows you to adjust the Current Salt Level slider so that it matches your pool’s current salt level. Simply adjust the “Pool Volumeā€ slider to match your swimming pool’s volume. You don’t have a good idea of the volume of your pool. To assist you in this task, visit Pentair’s online pool calculator.

Once you have entered the information, you will be able to determine the salt required to bring your pool up to 3,400 ppm.


This iPhone app can calculate salt as well as calcium hardiness, borate and chlorine. This app calculates how much each chemical you will need to bring your water to perfect balance. The app now reports on previous calculations and removes login requirements. It also allows you to create multiple pools and test (great for pool service professionals).

The Pool Calculator

Did you feel relieved that you had met the math requirements for college or high school and have never looked back since? You are not the only one. This calculator is for the STEM-challenged. It will calculate the exact chemistry of your swimming pool. This calculator even provides explanations of terms such as “total hardness” or “adjusted/corrected total alkalinity”. In no time, you’ll be an expert in pool chemistry.

Pool Doctor

Pool Doctor can adjust the pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness of your pool to maintain it clean. All results are displayed in pounds, ounces and grams as well as liters and gallons. You can also specify the scoop size (custom scoop sizes) to get more information. This app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and supports salt-water, bromine, and regular pools.

Kit for Pool

Android users will be pleased to know that another app is available for pool chemicals calculations, including salt chlorination. Even better, it’s free.

Pool Pal

This Android app monitors things such as free chloramine, hydrogen peroxide pH, total acidity, calcium hardness and stabilizer salt, borates water temperature, backwashing CC, filter cleaning flow, pressure, and so on.

Pool Tech Oklahoma City

This calculator is from Pool Tech Oklahoma City. It’s simple, straightforward, and straight-forward.

Water Chemistry Calculator

Hayward’s guidelines recommend that you check the salt level in your pool before adding more. This handy reference guide includes tips for adjusting pool salt, total alkalinity and total hardness. It also contains information about how to adjust pH levels, cyanuric acid, pH levels, and pool volume.


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